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How to change Ubuntu Timezone via Terminal?

Learn how to change the time zone present in the SSH access terminal of the Ubuntu Linux distro. It's very simple and practical!

In order to help developers and enthusiasts out there. Cloud Computing, or “Cloud Computing” can sometimes generate curious doubts: once you decide to allocate an instance (“server”) in another country, normally, by default, you may be dealing with a different time zone than located, causing problems with authentication, schedules, display of correct dates and operation schedules. But calm down! Know that it is possible to configure the time zone for any country on our planet in just a few seconds.

How to change the server time zone to your region? Easy, just apply the command:

dpkg-reconfigure tzdata

You will then be able to choose the correct time zone as desired. Remembering that for Brazil, the indicated option is America / São Paulo.

And you, what did you think of the process of changing the time zone?

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