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Why not use Google Fonts?

Do you know Google Fonts? Understand why it might be a good idea to host the font locally and not use Google's CDN!

When accessing different websites in a different browser than usual, the texts are usually a little if not very different. Why does this happen? The use of fonts on the web is still a problem today when we think about the aspects of compatibility. In general, if your font is not used much on the internet, you will probably have some problems with the configuration of your texts in different browsers.

Not all sources are pre-installed in internet browsers and operating systems. As a result, we often come across incompatibilities and, automatically, your texts will be adapted to the available fonts in the system. In this way, your text is completely unconfigured and the entire layout ends up being harmed. However, recently I read a post on GitHub from several users reporting the constant annual updates on the Google Fonts, harming the programming of several web pages around the world.

This ended up opening precedents for developers to manually download the fonts present in Google Fonts, in order to avoid constant and surprise updates in the solution "copy the embed and use it on your page“. With that in mind, several comments began to question the feasibility of using them in Google Fonts, making it advisable to use them on your own hosting.

How to download fonts from Google Font
Image/Reproduction: Juan de Souza

When this happened, I went to search the internet to find solutions about what happened with several sites. I found a very practical tutorial at TechTudo, with steps to follow for you to download free the desired font and implement them. That way, any new update that comes from the designers and/or from Google Fonts itself, you can choose to to update or no, being necessary to replace the files hosted in your directory (example: /var/www/html/layout/archives/fonts/{FONTNAME}.format).

In short, Google Fonts is a great and practical service, providing an extensive catalog with different extensions to be used in your web page and/or application. However, know that annually there are some updates that can be carried out by designers or by Google Fonts itself and, depending on your layout or programming, may occur conflicts or distortions due to the changes. Therefore, you have the option of downloading them locally to use in your projects and manually updating them if you wish.

Hope this helps!
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My name is Juan de Souza, I'm 22 years old, I'm a businessman, investor, blogger, streamer and podcaster. I started my first business at the age of 10, using a dial-up connection in Brazil. Founded businesses such as TFX, Juan de Souza Media, Coliseu Geek, EcoVision, among others.


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